welcome to my little corner of the world

I want to become far more than your photographer. I am your professional third-wheel, dress fixer, dance partner and everything in between. 

I'm a tattooed, animal loving, world travelin' girl who is invested in capturing love stories that unfold in front of me. I will definitely shed a tear listening to your vows, take a tequila shot with you at your reception but make sure we have those photos you will look back on in 50 years and be transported to the happiest day of your lives.


Not just a photographer,

a visual storyteller

meet your new favorite third wheel

 My mantra has always been the jack of all trades but master of one, that is photography. I believe I was placed on this Earth to capture all those 'make my heart tingle' moments.

I have lived in and/or visited 9 countries, 43 states and will forever have a passion for traveling and adventures.

There are 3 fur babies that rely on me to fill their bowls and I rely on them to keep my sanity.

My mama was the one who taught me to peruse my dreams constantly, not to be afraid to make life work in my favor. 

At 28 I have crows feet from all the smiles that this life has gifted me.

My whole life I tried to fit into a box, but to be real I am a self proclaimed tom-boy who loves tattoos, climbing mountains, major introverted/extrovert, has no fashion sense beyond my jeans or leggings, I listen to true crime podcasts like it's my job and let's my little hippie soul shine through bare feet and gardening. 


When I am photographing I look through my lens the same way I look through life, with complete transparency and genuine joy. Life has taught me to love all the little moments and to constantly move towards the most real and honest version of myself and that is what I intend to capture with you.

who am i?

a glimpse into my world

My part in this world is to capture true and authentic moments. My favorite thing in this life is discovering beautiful people and places. My camera allows me to see in a unique perspective and portray those most riviting moments.